Brian is punctual, professional, and well-qualified. His background in the construction field gives him the knowledge and experience to do a home inspection that you can be confident in using. He knows what to look for and while he knows when he sees a problem, he'll also point out quality workmanship when he sees it. Prices were very competitive with other inspection services in the area, but more importantly, his work experience provides the insight that can't be learned from a training course for home inspection. The inspection was thorough. From the roof to the crawlspace, no stone was left unturned and no question was left unanswered. The format of the report that we received was also thorough and excellent. Since the house he inspected for us was only 2 years old, no serious problems were found. We've recently closed on the house and moved in, and using Titan Inspection Services was one of the best decisions that we made during the buying process. If we have questions about any future remodeling that we do or any other questions that arise, we'll call Titan Inspection Services again. We'll recommend Titan to anyone in need of a home inspection without hesitation. He's exactly the type of professional that you need during your home-buying journey. And on one final note, considering that we were a bit stressed out by the whole home-buying process, Brian's sense of humor was a much appreciated bonus!

Chelsey Buckalew Avatar
Chelsey Buckalew

Brian from Titan Inspection Services was so great during our appointment for home inspection! It was our first time buying a home, and Brian was clearly very thorough in his inspection, and explained everything he was doing as he went, taking pictures of everything. He was both efficient and detailed. He was also open to questions and a very nice, personable individual to work with. The inspection report was sent to us within 24 hours, and provided us a clear report with photos of some of the things he found in the home, ranking from definitely needing to be fixed, to could be fixed but not urgent. It was an easy format to forward over to the home builder as well. Very happy with Titan Inspection and recommend them to anyone! They are also much more affordable than many other inspection services out there.

Darling Moni Avatar
Darling Moni

If I could give 10 stars, I would. Brian (inspector) was available on a short notice time frame and was prompt. He was very professional and thorough with the pre-sale house inspection that allowed us valuable and timely information to address items that was unknown to us.

Brian was easy to talk with and has a great sense of humor. His rate is one of the best you can get.

His follow up report was easy to read with suggestions and with ample pictures of what he inspected.

I would highly recommend Titan Inspection Services and would certainly call upon his professional services again. You won't be disappointed!

Lena Beach Avatar
Lena Beach

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“When buying or selling a house its important to choose the right inspection company. One that can efficiently inspect your home in the time frame you have available, relay the important details in an understandable way and provide a clean professional report with actionable items clearly defined. We can do all this without creating undue alarm. Every house has a story.”


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Hi, I’m Brian Dodds, the owner of Titan Inspection Services. I’ve been working in construction trade building and renovating houses for over 20 years. Everything from million dollar custom homes to residential remodels to Fix and Flip projects. Each one has a different need: Million dollar homes have extremely discretionary buyers with attention to detail, Remodel Clients are usually living in their homes while you work and have a specific goal and budget to work with, and Fix and Flip Investors usually want to do everything as cheap as possible but make it look

I often say, every house has a story, and when you can identify the clues to that story through experience, you can help the owners/buyer make better decisions with their investment. I have a good understanding of the past and future issues associated with any given property based on the years of experience building and working on homes of all types. I can provide a much more in-depth and technical perspective when needed to give you the true condition of your property.

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Different inspections have different goals.

Some ideas of different types of home inspections might be

Some just want to sell their house and need to know what may need attention or repair.

Some are buying their first home and want the extra attention and time to explain what they are buying.

Some are buying a rental house and wont be doing a bunch of fix up, but want to make sure there are no big areas of concern.

Some are buying an investment property and want to do a full rehab, but want to know what they are looking at.

Some are experienced buyers and want to do their due diligence in their purchase of a home and have someone note any key issues.

When getting a home inspected, I believe it is SUPER IMPORTANT to ask yourself one key question: What are my main goals in getting my house inspected?

Every owner/buyer has a different set of goals with a property. If you are a first time home buyer, I often find that you want a full understanding of how a home works and what you are looking at for future repairs, etc. If you are a seller doing a pre-inspection, I hear owners say that they are looking to find any issues that may kill a deal or delay the closing of a home but may not be looking to do extensive remodel work. And if you are an investor looking for a property to buy/sell as an investment, you may already be planning to buy or sell the home “as is” or do major renovation work.

Maybe you just want to know if there are any major concerns that you are not aware before you make your decision. We approach each inspection with this in mind and we feel that it is a GREAT VALUE to you to have an inspector who has an in-depth knowledge about the vast assortment of build techniques and styles out there. This gives you a large advantage when hiring an inspector that can apply this knowledge to the inspection of your home. Not all Home Inspectors have an equal top to bottom construction field experience. An inspector with this kind

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