I take a realistic approach to houses.

People live in them, weather effects them, people work on them (some do a good job, some, not so good), fires and damage happens, investors fix up and sell them, owners remodel them (with and without permits), people buy and sell houses for different reasons.

Every reason has a strategy or goal to accomplish with the property. Our job as a good home inspector is to give you the key pieces of information to make a good choice with what to do with the property.

I have 20 years experience in custom home building and remodels.

Million dollar homes

Remodeling homes

Condo conversions

Fix and flip houses

There is a story

to every house

Old house but good bones

Good builder, well built home

Old house fix and flip. (Was the work done correctly or did they cut corners to save cost.)

Turn of the century homes, built with older building codes and standards. How has it faired over the years?

Remodeled or added onto. Who did the work? Did they get a permit? Did they use proper materials? Bottom line, will it work or last for the test of time, and how much will it cost if it needs to be replaced?

What can’t you see and where are the critical areas that need your attention? Is it life threatening, or something to just monitor?

We’re Industry Professionals

If you could choose the perfect home Inspector, what kind of experience, skills and qualifications would you want them to have? What’s a home inspection worth to you? How will you know you’re getting the value you need from your home inspector? Bottom line, when you’re paying a home inspector, your paying for their experience and due diligence to look your property over and give you sound advice on the condition of your home and the areas that need attention. Home inspecting is partly education and training based

  • Part is just good old fashioned experience in working on and around houses and with the trades.
  • Knowing what you’re looking at and if it needs to be fixed, or just monitored and maintained.
  • We will take and treat your home inspection like it is our own. We’ll get in those areas that need attention and explain things in a way that everyone can understand. 
  • Most importantly we’ll do honest work backed up by good knowledge.

In the Pacific Northwest,

there are unique elements to the diverse mix of housing in our area.

Everything from the amount of rain we get and how it affects our homes, to drainage issues in the rainy season and how to mitigate it, to all the hills and topography that we build our homes on. In addition, we often find heightened levels of mold, asbestos that was used on older homes in certain products, water systems that have levels of Arsenic in them and the possible pockets of Radon gas that may merit our attention. And then on top of that, we have a very diverse mix of housing in our area. It ranges from rural farmland to medium density housing, to high-density housing. All of these houses were built differently in a variety of areas and different era’s.

Your decisions need to reflect the realities of this in mind. This all makes our area unique when it comes to home inspecting and what to look for in the houses we inspect. When it comes to the unique elements of the homes in our area, we take our years of experience to inform you of these elements and how to interact with them while living in your home. These unique elements should not STRIKE FEAR into anyone buying or selling a home. Instead, they should be noted and explained in a way that understandable and is unbiased.

All too often these elements are discussed with a specialist or contractor that is incentivized to sell you on a fix or repair. This can make it difficult to process whether you truly need something or not. We as YOUR home inspector give you an UNBIASED OPINION on everything we look at. This empowers you the buyer/seller to make decisions without the pressure of a salesperson. Also, your Real Estate agents are another great neutral person you can rely on to make decisions. A good Real Estate agent knows about these issues as well.

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